This was a service call on a walk in cooler that was iced up, I found multiple problems with the system including a very dirty evaporator coil, and a refrigerant leak. Let me know what you think and please consider subscribing to my channel.
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49 thoughts on “WALK IN COOLER ICED UP

  1. Berni0707 says:

    When you have a frozen evaportator, the low preassure is lower. There's no need to add refrigerant, defrost it and check again. You will surprise, greetings from refrigeration mechanic from Argentina. Long live R-22!

  2. EFD620G says:

    Something I used to do with beer walkins. Put the temp controls bulb into the evaporator coil. That way the solenoid won't re energize until the coil goes above freezing. You need a temp control that has allot of differential so you can set cut out low enough to get proper box temp. The box temp will rise sometimes while it's defrosting but the beer usually stays cold enough ,not to be a problem. Boxes that get allot of new product at the same time have a tendency to freeze up trying to recover…this solves the problem. Defrost timers don't account for crazy swings in box demand.

  3. Ba++y says:

    Loving your videos brother! Love how you're thorough with everything and really taking your time focusing on the task. I have to ask, for someone like myself who is about 6 months into running a HVAC business for myself, you seem to always be busy but take your time and relax. Do you get flooded with calls on a daily with service calls or are you steady that you allow the time for these jobs?
    Unless you're working 18 hours a day, your jobs seem so time consuming 😂

  4. BR S says:

    If you had a maintenance contract with them, then certainly your guys would have seen the ice forming. So either they don't have a maintenance contract, or your maintenance program is not monthly… like quarterly? Do you present them with that option? How did this customer know to call you?

  5. Andy Gilman says:

    Just have to say that I recently got more into the refrigerator side of the trade. Watching your videos has been great. You do a very good job of explaining in detail little things. I live in Illinois around the St. Louis area or not far anyway. The next time I get to The Palm Springs area I would hope I could get the chance to shake your hand. Thanks bud keep up the good work.

  6. Mike Falanga says:

    I'm experiencing something similar in 3 walk in freezers at my job, however the ice is forming on the outer pipe entering the back of the evaporation coil fan box assembly??? Any idea if tgat could be 3 bad limit switches or is that even feasible?

  7. D. H. Vargas says:

    Does the manager or you move the products that are underneath the evap when you go to do a service call such as that ? I can just imagine the surprise if the health inspector just happen to pop in unannounced 😲, with some of the open dairy products that was there, i.e. the open whip cream can and milk, as well as the alcohol products. Health concern? Just an observation. I would like to hear your take on that part involving food product safety concerns and the service techs responsibility in that situation. Thanks, Keep up the good work on your videos.

  8. Abu Haqq says:

    I'm on the automotive side and have an electronics background so I guess I'm a bit of a techi kind of guy. After watching your videos it gave me a real good understanding of how these systems work. My brother had a faulty low pressure switch and the convenient thing was his cold room runs on r134a. I just recently purchased a testo 557 gauge set.

  9. Abu Haqq says:

    I have a question regarding the setup of the low pressure switch. I have it set for it to turn the compressor on at 5 psi and cuts off at 20 psi. This setup keeps the coldroom at 1 degree Celsius which is desired. Also having the differential setting the way it is, compressor isn't working as hard. Is setup ok?

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