This was a call in the middle of the lockdown on a walk in cooler that was iced up.

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41 thoughts on “WALK IN COOLER ICED UP

  1. Victor Czaika says:

    I love what you do man. Listen everyday as I'm driving from job to job. Hell even sometimes while on the job site. You have helped me become a better tech and I truly appreciate it. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Paul Christian says:

    I like to put the control probe in the coil and control by coil temp. It guarantees defrost. Settings vary, but low 20s with around a 15 deg diff works pretty well. Each box will be a little different, but it works out well on coolers.

  3. em1o smurf says:

    covid has really strangled stuff. that electrical room would have gotten them redtagged and their doors locked, in normal inspection. i looked at the relays/contactors just nailed to the wall (wtf??) , does this town have a fire inspector? along with plastic and paper stuff stored there, insane. this reeks of a 7-Eleven that sold the store to some mom & pop biz. food poison palace.

  4. Vedrit Mathias says:

    I used to do IT for a grocery store chain. It's not just the electrical rooms that are a mess – and sometimes disgusting. One store, I had to take a break every 5 minutes because the dust (and who knows what else) was killing me.

  5. Geoff G says:

    I see electrical rooms like that and I am more thankful that the catering dept is not allowed to store anything in them on the ferries I work on.

  6. craig Mills says:

    Watching this before I go to work. When I first started my boss had me doing PMs. Everytime i got to the restaurant I was scared I was going to run into an iced up evap.

  7. AfterDark3 says:

    You know I find it funny. My restaurant has an early 80s era BOHN unit and compressor with no defrost in a building with no AC so the coils freezing up is a daily issue. Manual defrost by cutting the compressor baby!

  8. throttle bottle says:

    those carts are a must for hotel service work, bouncing from one end of building to complete opposite and multiple floors non-stop, well unless you want to stroke out or something lol
    Did large format trim-work in all the hallways of one and thought I was going to die running up and down the stairs to the saw outside. using 16' trim there was no way to cut it indoors O_O and all the room entrance doors are countersunk 3' deep, so a blooming million cuts between long spans, I'll never take on a trim job like that again lol

  9. Matthew Trevett says:

    I felt like instead of just run time, open doors meant that more humidity could enter in two different ways. The cold air should already have frozen off the moisture onto the coil which would meet equilibrium with the room during defrost, so you have low humidity inside high humidity outside. The second way is because the warm air holds an awful lot more moisture and once it cools off that moisture can't be held anymore so it condenses on the walls and evaporator coil. Since the evap is the coldest place, it will be the last place to melt and holds onto the now dry ice while the warmer doors and walls more readily give up moisture.

    Hopefully not too far from reality…

  10. Nyctis says:

    The low signal bars are a from the limitations of the radio on your tablet device. You could get a dedicated Bluetooth radio dongle for your tablet to improve the signal.

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