This was a service call on a walk in cooler that was at 60 degrees, the system had a bad low pressure control, I replaced the control and the system was back up and running.
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50 thoughts on “Walk in Cooler low pressure control problems

  1. D Har says:

    been in this trade 20 years, i did not know i had to do that to the packing nut, if i had learnt it at trade school i mustve forgotten it or ive gotten so used to just opening the valve with the valve ratchet.

  2. Bryan A.K. says:

    Im not I agree with replacing a safety switch with a cap tube like that. One would think that air would get trapped even tho you are at a positive pressure and "purging". I would think a vacuum would need to be pulled.

  3. Arieldny says:

    hi, i get this confuse if a cooler normal operational temp. is btw 35-45 F then why that system has a defrost timer, is this necessary? is this cooler pressure operated, temp. or pressure operated ? learning everyday with your videos!

  4. jose bolivar says:

    Hi. Very nice the ways you’re explains the job .
    I am working on draft walking the draft beer do not get that cool the bartenders say at the outside door thermostat do not go below 40 always was at 38 . The compresor get so hot I have water hose run there and low the pressure to 55 Paige low succión line, and I have some bubbles in sight glass and yes temperature go down to 38 . But I don’t know what could be wrong? Thanks for you feedback

  5. Random Refrigerartion says:

    Love your videos they have helped me great deal in Refrigeration.
    I steeped into a service manager position about 8 months ago and I still watch your videos it’s more now to keep refreshed and to lead my techs in the right direction.
    We had a call on Masterbilt rack on a freezer cooler combo that I reluctantly accepted the call for.
    I knew that several companies had been out there working in this box over the last month so that’s what my reluctance was for.
    Anyway we took the call.
    It’s a Masterbilt 1.0 setup with Sporlan EEV’s. I know you have installed the Beacon controllers with the EEV’s. What kind of EEV are used with the Beacon? Do you have any videos on trouble shooting the EEV’s.
    I have got a lot from the Sporlan videos but there are only 2 on there site. Well only 2 that I found. Was hoping you had something real world in the field troubleshooting the transducer the sensors and the valve.
    A lot to ask for I know but it sure would be great to see someone like you showing how you go about it in a box at a customer site.
    I appreciate you and what you do to better our trade and whatever you have to offer in the line specs or info in general pertaining to Sporlan EEV’s

  6. I NOAH MANN says:

    I have a system that has one broken low preasure port, one at the evaperator (inaccessible) and one with the preasure switch on it. I guess I have to take the low preasure control off to charge it. Fun times. Why is all of the equipment on YouTube so nice and the stuff I see is 15+ years old and trashed, lol.

  7. StackItUp1 says:

    When bypassing low pressure control to force the unit to run in an emergency, make sure you also turn down the thermostat and check defrost controls so it doesn't close solenoid and run in vacuum while you picking up the part.

  8. Robert Messinger says:

    I got a walk-in freezer compressor is running the fans on the evaporator are running it’s at 50° inside the cooler the low side feels warm high side feels warm I was wondering if you had any suggestions

  9. nicholas gelato says:

    Hi ! I wanted to ask, I have been doing Hvac for 14 years , I want to get into HvacR what is the best way to get trained? Schools out here want crazy money. Love your videos by the way.

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