This was a call on a burning smell coming from the Walk in Cooler, when I arrived the cooler was working properly but the freezer had a tripped breaker. After a little investigation I found that the burning smell was in both of the evaporator fan motors. I replaced them both and also changed the limit switches.
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  1. Jeff Montalvo says:

    One of my first refrigeration calls I've ever got was smoke smell in walk in cooler. Unit was running and maintaining temp in arrival. I tore the thing apart checking every wire and component but couldn't find anything even slightly irregular. That's when one of the new employees who didn't know I was in there strolls in cigarette in hand… Needless to say that was the last time he did that or anything else at that location as he was asked to leave permanently.

  2. DeafHVACR SoCal says:

    Good call sir !
    I have this same this problem it was fan motor burned out due bad FDTD switch. I did spent in walk in freezer for hours to found out. I turned defrost clock into defrost and timing defrost ended and fan was run right away as the moisture blow out. I can see the little spark on motor. Replaced FDTD switch and fan motor just like you did that. Good video as always Chris

  3. throttle bottle says:

    if there's no phase monitor/protector, one phase dropped could allow the motors to run on low voltage via back-feed through other equipment in the building or more.
    Always good to ask if they had any power issues in the area and visually inspect all wiring/devices from the equipment back to source breaker/panel.

  4. Kashif Zafar says:

    Sir can you please explain.
    What is automatic pumpdown of chiller?
    What is antifreeze alarm means , if shown in chiller display?
    Why superheat is showing very low(4°), possible cause?

  5. MadSexy says:

    Here's a doozy for you. 6 year old goodman central heat and air ac unit keeps switch from hot to cold every 30 seconds . Only thing that stops it is to turn brake off or turn head unit off . I thought it would be a simple fix by replacing the head unit with fresh battery's but no luck . Any idea what it is ? It worked fine for 6 years .

  6. Leon Bogon says:

    I've found that when you got a motor running slow especially this case,a wire has burned through but also burned through to a ground which is acting as a neutral-i've run into some strange stuff in my years

  7. grgazzels says:

    Great videos, learning a lot.
    I worked as an electronic tech for 20 years and decided to walk away. I started working for a Temp company that deals in the trades. So the last 18 months I have worked in HVAC, Electrical and excavation. Got a call from a company a few days ago and asked me if I was willing to interview for a service position in commercial refrigeration. I told them I never worked in that field and they stated we think you would be a good candidate to be able to learn and excel here. Interview is in a couple days so I been watching videos when ever I have free time. So anyways, thanks for the great videos.

  8. OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's. says:

    Good vid. i Hate When there is no obvious short or burn. Youve got to be super thorough and check everything. Amp check the drain line heater. ?
    1) sometimes – that means that it occurred when in defrost – sometimes.
    For the new guys out there – If the breaker is tripped & the Defrost clock is in defrost thats a key giveaway. dont just all willy nilly spin the defrost clock.
    2) if nothing obvious – Alot of times – ive seen the Freezer drain line heater Burn open and it wont trip the breaker again , but it wont be warming either. super important to check the amps on drain line heater.
    3) Ftngot ) – whenever u see frozen water stuck to fan blade covers it means 1 of 3 things
    a) drain line is plugged
    b) drain line heater is not working
    c) fan delay is bypassed or not working correctly. if over 10 yrs old Replace. they are cheap & should be a truck stock item. When in doubt allways replace. write year beside it with sharpie when replaced.

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