This started as a call back but turned into a great opportunity to explain the defrost process of a walk in freezer.


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  1. SweSuf says:

    Your educational style is laudable! I work in an industry designing and producing complex electronic systems, and wish we had fully implemented the kind of internal apprenticeship you describe. Even high-tech hardware and software designers need guidance and experience from their older peers, but not just thrown at them or shoved down the throat, but spoon-fed over a much longer period of time than most (managers, in particular) realise.

  2. Joe Harry says:

    Well? It's true I am a dinosaur by age, but I will take old school mechanical defrost timers anytime over the new digital defrost you said the biggest advantage of the mechanical is you can actually see it go through the cycles you can actually inspect the contact points for burnt contacts. I can tear them apart rebuild them with my eyes closed. An the most important thing for me an my boss is if our employees learn to see " the big picture" looking outside the box an seeing the whole picture. While we don't experience the hot temperatures you do we do experience negative 20 outside an the winter charge is extremely important in my neck of the woods. A Teck that listen to you , an is returning and giving you a detailed report? For me it tells me our Teck is not only doing his job but also helps us what to look for should we get a call back. What I most like and admire about your channel is you keep it REAL!! You don't edit out Miss spokes or errors or overlooks. I would rather watch a video that is real then one that has been edited to look perfection.. let's face it we're all human and as humans were capable of error occasionally an I don't care whether you're 18 or 88 we all have oversights. But great job an thanks for your time involved in making these…

  3. Kenneth Lobo says:

    Thanks,for this video.I never thought of checking the gears on a timer like this,my usual focus was more on the electric side,but the question I have is if u turned the knob on the timer into whatever mode u want,I am sure it would be pretty hard to rotate,wouldn't this be an indicator of defective gears?Nevertheless observing the gears is a great thing.

  4. Nyarly Rylyeh says:

    Now I see why you have to keep your customers not shown..
    Freezer with bread and packed cat poo? oh my, what country's kitchen do they serve? I'm afraid, I do not want it %)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  5. BishopOfHexen192 says:

    Had a job this week similar to this. Put a new phase monitor on a unit, came on but the defrost was bad, fans wouldn't turn off. Definitely not worth the risk of not replacing it, I'm still learning but jobs like these are good practice. Thanks for uploading these service calls, helps out big time.

  6. 561Lyfestyle says:

    This was literally my late Thursday night service call chik-fil-a WIF condenser fan motors not coming on…

    When I got there, there was a young 25 year old manager who looks like the health buff that works at the gym that wants to give you a free workout.

    Anyways he brought me to the walk in and pointed at the evap and said see there nor spinning 😑😑😑 so I educated the customer rq, anyways same issue also the liquid line solenoid was leaking by. I didnt have the correct one but I gave it a few love taps to get it going until i could change it the next morning. I should post videos again like I use to back in the day…

  7. Dr. Comfort HVACR says:

    Thanks man! I am 19 years of age! Beeen doing hvac/R since 16 years old.
    Started roughing learned a lot of service now own my company!
    I am about to graduate with my associates. I am a contractor now. I learn as much as possible and love your videos! It has for sure thought me so much! There aren’t a lot of people in Al that know ref so I learn as much from you and from trial and error as well. It’s hard to learn alone but you make my journey easier! Thank buddy good luck 👍

  8. Commander Osis says:

    Checking the defrost and the terminators are the first places to look. Surprised this threw your guy off. The terminators can be a giant pain with those little package units.

  9. Brian T says:

    i once miswired a defrost timer so when the defrost termination switch closed it made a direct electrical short and blew a fuse. The freezer ran correctly for a few days

  10. ThatOneGuy says:

    Last couple years we've been swapping out those Grasslin and Paragon defrost clocks with the new programmable paragon clocks! Haven't had to worry about them getting sand or getting stuck!

  11. Rick Weidenfeller says:

    Great video Chris. You remind me a lot of my mentor and trainer, my father. You explain things in great detail and clearly. I share your videos with my employees thus making you a non-paid employee of mine. Thanks a bunch!

  12. Sherwin Alvarez says:

    I remember one of you vids you said that you can change contactor lugs to screws and vice versa. I was wondering if you can make a quick video showing that when you get a chance. I know its peak so it probably cant get done till all that is over. Ill still be watching tho. Newbies would love that video.

  13. Bryan Humphreys says:

    I work in a restaurant and have literally been sent up with a bucket of boiling water and towels to defrost the evaporator fins because it was a few days before tech could come out.

  14. CitizenPerkins says:

    Would it be worth it to train your guys to always take a few pics of the frozen areas BEFORE getting started with their diags? That way if they think they need your help they can send you the pics. I'm pretty sure everyone has a fancy mobile phone by now, yes?

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