This was a service call on a walk in freezer that keeps turning off. I found that the unit had a bad condenser fan motor causing the unit to turn on and off via the high pressure safety switch. It happened so many time the compressor went off on thermal overload.
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  1. kchu3838 says:

    Hi, I bumped into your videos collection; and it is a treasure of knowledge. I am in the field as a service technician for a long time; I guess I am in the position to say that you are doing a great job as a source of valuable knowledge to whoever wants to be in the trade. The videos are well put together, above average.

  2. Ty Huffman says:

    Nice job of troubleshooting, it's best to troubleshoot while the unit is running. In my corner of industry to remove the guarding for live testing requires a VP to sign. So imagine being a service guy trying to figure out what is going on and to do a test with the guards off you have to follow the chain of command and escalate up one by one. Every time we have found a way around doing the testing with the guards off. It's amazing what you learn about the equipment when you have to troubleshoot and test it will the guards on.

  3. Alfredo De says:

    hi. thanks for the videos. a question, in a walk in freezer gas 404a cut by pull down, what would be the correct calibration of the pressure switch, the cut-in, differential and cut-out. Sh recommended, and what evaporation temperature approx. Thank you

  4. eddiewhaler1 says:

    With service like yours, no wonder you can't handle anymore calls now. Cleaning Coils while waiting for the temp to come down… Incredible. Communicates with Manager/ Owners… That's Crazy. I wish you were a medical doctor. There would be no illness.
    I ama Chef for 49 years and I have seen a lot of service calls and Techs. You are amazing sir.

  5. Greg Mercil says:

    My first guess was that maybe the condenser fan motor capacitor(s) were going out, but now I'm confused. I was taught in school that 3 phase systems don't need run/start capacitors, and I see that both condenser motors there have run caps. At least that's what they look like to me. Btw I've only watched 2 minutes of this video so far. Gonna continue watching now. Lol

  6. Jacob A. Hull says:

    hello sir, I have a question. I have a commercial display freezer and the fans on the condensor kick on and off. they stay on about 15-25 sec and then off for 10-15 sec. any idea why they would do that? the freezer is cooling correctly but the fans operating weird. thanks in advanve

  7. postersm 71 says:

    I would be an OG watcher of your videos if I didn’t have to sit through goddamn commercials. There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to a video while in the shower and then a damn commercial comes on. Dude really? Stop it with the commercials. You’re gonna lose me.

    I am also a service technician but in a different industry. I just cannot deal with all of the damn YouTube commercials. I can get my entertainment elsewhere. I really appreciate your videos but I just can’t deal with the commercials

  8. Aaron Cruz says:

    I hope your viewers are intelligent enough to know the camera doesn't show the blades spinning actual speed. Otherwise I would be worried about them doing this kind of trade.

  9. Mitchell WildFlame says:

    Reminds me of living in florida, had just had our rheem air conditioner installed not even a year, the compressor was overloading on the high pressure switch because of grass clippings blocking the condenser outside, unfortunately needed a new compressor luckily warranty approved of the work, the kind HVAC technician even let me watch and help, we also uninstalled the entire condensing unit and put a second slab under it so the grass clippings wouldnt get blown into it again, (extra cost for materials, but was worth it) my dad had 3 tenants before he sold it, none of them had ac issues at all!

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