Service call on a walk in freezer not working In this video I explain how the electric defrost system works in detail.

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39 thoughts on “Walk in Freezer service call (electric defrost explained)

  1. Win Dennis says:

    This was a great video. I would’ve like if you explained what each of the wires controlled. The first set obviously went to the coil heater. The rest then the condenser unit. X as you say defrost termination.

  2. Jas Wolfie says:

    How much do those clocks cost? They look easy enough to fix to be perfectly honest. BTW those are resistors, fairly large ones which means they dissipate a lot of heat, likely doing a voltage divider to drop the voltage to a working voltage on the board. Most likely fault is the relay fused open for safety. (fail safe)

  3. Appomattox Ross says:

    It's too bad that commercial buildings such as these cannot have a permanent sun shade all across the roof to protect equipment from the daily blazing sun. A lot of electronics will have early failures.

  4. crazytekkie1 says:

    I agree with others… great thorough job explaining not just how but why things are done the way they are… gives better in depth understanding… just a great job!!

  5. F F says:

    Hi guys,
    My norlake walking freezer just stop working.
    Defrost timer panel looks like no power, the green light on panel is really weak flashing. Comp and fan not start at all.
    Can any one help?

  6. Abdorakeeb Naji says:

    Very good vedio with details 👌but I have a question, I see some of these defrost timer the power coming to 3 and N.instead of 1 and N….and there is jumper between 3 and 2 !! Is that's mean that # 1 will be the defrost instead of 3 !! Will you explain that please and thanks..

  7. Armando Rodriguez says:

    GREAT VIDEO. Especially good for those of us who worked on refrigeration and stopped like 15 years back. Now scrambling for a quick refreshing due to new service contract that includes light refrigeration. I’m going to watch this one several times this week or till I feel comfortable again. Thank you for posting this video ✌🏽

  8. Matt Martin says:

    Hi, can you do a video explaining how condensing units are connected to case lineups (example, 36 feet of produce, or three 12 ft cases) ? Are the thermostats in all 3 cases connected in parallel with each other, and in series with the liquid line solenoid coil? Thanks.

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