compressor change out on a old r22 condenser

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35 thoughts on “walkin-cooler r22 compressor change out

  1. mike_HVAC says:

    I got back pain from a motorcycle accident several years ago…it sucks, I'm just shy of 40 and lemme tell ya, it makes the days seem a lot longer and you wake up grouchy a lot of days if you sleep wrong.
    Protect your back, it's not worth a life of pain to make someone else rich.

  2. Vahyae says:

    At the company I’m at they have sprinter vans filed with Testo, Milwaukee tools and boxes, and every single tool you have so seeing you make fun of the new guy is a little overwhelming. I’m new to the trade with just two years and idk if I can keep watching your vids I’m not learning much lol

  3. Matt Catchpole says:

    It’s not the other techs fault. It’s your managers. I’m a service manager in the UK and would never risk the health and safety of my engineers. We all have families and homes to go to. I don’t want to have to make the phone call to one of my engineers families to say they are in hospital… poor management!

  4. A. T. says:

    I'm new at watching your videos but discouraged by your constant cursing. Also, not sure why your making fun of the helper, we were all there at one time. Sadly won't subscribe…. Good luck to you.

  5. FrostBlueFire says:

    The first company i worked for was like that. Back when I did residential, we only had two guys to do attic installs or pancake unit installs (in tight areas) instead of sending someone else out for a couple hours so we could swiftly get the job done. Boss never called out a crane unless forced and never any help on hard jobs. It built up my back bone, and now I don't take crap like that. I'll straight up go home if they give me issues, my body my life is more important than the company. Gotta let them know you work bc you want to, not bc you need to.
    Great vid

  6. Hippy Bob Ross says:

    I do the same thing I don’t over-work myself anymore now that I have the years and experience your boss will take advantage of you doing a job by yourself and if you don’t put your foot down they’ll continue to walk over you

  7. Ish muga says:

    Your helper doesn't even koe how pull a vacuum are you serious im fresh out school already did an install and replace of ac in the basement pulled all the refrigeration and then attached suction and liquid line and then did a vacuum and did nitrogen soap test for leaks then added refrigeration system

  8. Cobreezyy06 says:

    I like your videos but don’t say fresh outta school lol then hook the micron gauge up to the valve on your vacuum pump. U know to get an accurate reading it’s suppose to be isolated furthest away from the pump or else your just reading the vacuum and you would wanna open the high side first to pull and read from the low side gauge to make sure there isn’t a restriction then open both and pull down. Also I keep an O ring kit for reasons like that cap or service valve cap leaks. But yea totally understand cheap managers

  9. dean Mohamed says:

    Geez, show some respect for the new fella. He came to help you. I don't think he wanted to be recorded either. You embarrassed him in this video. Remember when you started out? You had the best tools when you started out? Lol, you have no tools now and your begging online. What goes around comes around, dont make fun of new guys and their tools.

  10. heinkz says:

    a la verga, que pinche hueva tener que andar valiendo verga por las distancias, o sea que, si te equivocas en lo que les pides de material, o si, se apendejan los que te lo traen, pierden un dia entero, y aparte te hechan la yuca a ti, uyyy…

  11. Armando Rodriguez says:

    Bump that, A 2 MAN JOB IS A 2 MAN JOB. Especially if You quoted out that particular job,so not only it required 2 men,but You looked at the conditions and would know what it takes.Bro 26 good age;YOU NEED YOUR BACK TO BE STRONG FOR 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣40years👨🏻🧑🏻‍🦳🧓🏻👨🏻‍🦳👴🏻life span**** but don’t forget to have fun Young blood,I cuidate & GOD BLESS!!!

  12. Derby Dogz says:

    Old video but that receiver valve that was leaking should having a packing nut on it that you could tighten down to stop the leak, If it doesn't stop you can repack the valve by backing out the stem and removing the packing nut.

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