Corsair has launched their new AIO Elite series with an LCD screen on the pump! Now you can also put my face on your cooler!

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24 thoughts on “Who knew this cooler could be so… COOL!

  1. Koretex says:

    Can anyone with this cpu cooler comment on the sound from the pump? It cant be set below 2200-2300rpm so is that a problem? My pc is very quiet at idle and low load with the only thing making noise being 9 AL120 fans set to 800-900rpm. Would I be able to hear the pump on this cpu cooler? Thinking of switching to this after having pump noise problems with 3 Kraken Z73's.

  2. tretime213 says:

    bummer. buildredux doesn't allow you to chose your chipset, thus you cannot choose DDR5, and you cannot go higher than a i7 12700k processor. So no option for 12700kf or i9 12th gen. Also cannot choose fans…maybe this is a good site if you want the chassis they offer and a gpu. It looks like you'd have to immediately upgrade all other parts. All things aside, I do like the site gui

  3. mmanish says:

    dont trust this guy, i was being scammed on his channel about being a winner and i sent him 2 mails asking if that is legitimate and he never replied…. i am sure he is too busy than replying to his own viewers…. this guy is shit .. please un subscribe …. i will make sure i forward my message to as many people as i can as this guy is fraud…
    he finally replied and called me an idiot for falling on that .. nice going Jayz,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. On Point PC Repair says:

    Your case mod just gave your more respect then anything you have ever done, coming from a person that has watched a TON of your videos. That case mod = Function > Form and I give you a literal clap good sir!

  5. David Jenkins says:

    I just bought the upgrade kit from Corsair. But thinking about the appearance of the fans and the thermal glue holding the wires down, wouldn't the fans in all likelihood be facing the other way and therefore the thermal glue would not be visible because that side would be facing the rad surface? If mounted on the case top the fans would be pushing air up through the rad to push the hot air out of the case and if mounted on the front then pushing cool air into the case through the rad where fans hopefully on the top would be pushing the warm air out of the case. In either eventuality you wouldn't see the hot glue because that is on the inward side of the air direction.

  6. Alexis Zurex says:

    i rather put cheap android phone in front of the header for display rather than that expensive cooler with same peformance and fuction with low-mid range price cooler…..

  7. Outlet says:

    Nice to see that you actually use those wall-hanging tools. Where's the angle grinder? Why don't these AIO coolers use clear tubing? I'd like to see the coolant flowing and know that the pump is working. Maybe you could start using a rating scale, say 1 to 5, to let us know what you really think of the component you are reviewing.

  8. SSand4 says:

    To be fair…if you were mounting those fans as an intake on the front of the case, you wouldn't see the hot glue because that side of the fan would be against the radiator, since you'd want the RGB to show through the front of the case.

  9. Robert Weekes says:

    The new Corsair H115i Capellix AIO’s look insanely good. I’m not sure about thermal performance but they seem to push good air according to the specs (the 280 version does 97 CFM and 3.0mm H20 pressure). I’ll probably get this or a Lian Li Galahad

  10. Oxidized Silicon says:

    Question for people, if I used lian li fans with this (cause I like the daisy chain feature) would it mess with corsairs software thinking there isn't fans or is it compatible with fans from other brands?

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